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第一張燕橫的「Clear eyes. Full heart. Can't lose.」,來自我很喜歡的美國電視劇集《Friday Night Lights》,正是戲裡美式足球隊的口號。


第二張荊裂「All I want is a sharp sword and a straight path to my enemies.」,來自著名幻想小說《Conan the Barbarian》的首個短篇故事《The Phoenix on the Sword》。



第三張武當眾「Wutang Clan ain't nuthing ta f' wit.」,正是鼎鼎大名的Gangsta Rap團體Wu-tang Clan的一首歌名(收錄在他們一鳴驚人的處女大碟《Enter The Wu-tang(36 Chambers)》內)。

這是黑人slang口音的拼寫法,正寫就是「Wutang Clan ain't nothing to fuck with.」,「武當派他媽的不好惹」的意思。
(原來的Wu-tang Clan中間有「-」,因為不想句子裡的「武當派」寫法跟那樂團名字一樣,就省掉了。)


Anonymous said...

Very happy to learn that you read Conan too. I read it long ago when I was abroad.
Conan is invented by Robert E Howard. His writing style is raw but powerful. After Robert passed away, other writers took up the story. They have more polish, but lack the power, i.e. the shock value.
I hope your writing will have both polish and the power.

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喬靖夫 said...



Anonymous said...

It does not matter when you read them, as long as you were inspired by it.

I have NEVER met anyone in Hong Kong over 30 years old who had read Conan. I am impressed by your wide coverage of works read. I would like to share with you some of the novels that I have read which are inspiring to me:

1) The Matador series by Steven Perry (Themes include martial arts, Vietnam, guerilla, revolution. I read book 1 when I was 14, but it took me another 10 years before I could find the rest of the series in North America)
2) Ninja by Eric van Lustbader
3) Stainless Rat series by Harry Harrison (Science fiction style of James Bond)
4) James Bond series (the ones written by Ian Fleming)
5) Anita Blake series by Laurel K Hamilton (detective, werewolves, vampires, necromancy. First 10 books are good. I like your vampire hunter novels too ... )
6) Foundation series by Issac Asimov (science fiction with no action sequences, but the ideas are so inspiring that it is good)
7) Lensmen Series by EE Doc Smith (Big guns, big ships, big armies, classic good vs bad, alien benefactor, alien nemesis etc. Just like Star Wars, but written 40 years BEFORE Star Wars)
8) Cobra by Buichi Terrasawa

I hope eventually, you would have the time and the opportunity to read these novels and be similarly inspired and moved as well.

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