Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Thai-glish Pharses

3 'English' pharses you'll hear quite frequently when shopping in Thailand (or other SE Asian countries too?):

1. Same same:

You've probably heard it before, used widely over SE Asia. It just means 'same', don't know why they have to repeat it...
They even have a band named this too! 2 Caucasian boys (probably brothers) who sing in Thai. Strange.

2. No have:

It means 'We don't have it'.

3. Can try:

Means 'you can try it on'.
Used when shopping for surfing shorts, fisherman pants, tie-dyed shirts, counterfeit Von Dutch caps or Birkenstock sandals, silver rings and bracelets... anything you can put on.


Alex the Black Prince said...

>>>Thailandish<<< lecture :D LOL

as those thai ppl got a word pronounce like "same", they have to repeat it to let others know they are using the eng word "same",but not the thai one.

Anonymous said...

sounds like you are having a wonderful trip! I envy you. :)